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EPOS Revolutionizes Work Communication with the Launch of IMPACT 1000 Bluetooth Headset Series

June 08, 2023

Audio brand EPOS introduced IMPACT 1000, a new Bluetooth headset series to tackle the challenges faced by professionals in today's dynamic work environment.

With the rise of remote work and the "Open Office" concept, distractions and ambient noises can hinder productivity and engagement. This new headset addresses the everyday challenges of modern work environments and is focused on ensuring that all meeting participants can stay engaged and perform at their best, regardless of the surrounding noise.

The future-proof headset is available for purchase and combines advanced technology and a user-centric design so the issues plaguing today’s office headset users are being addressed.

The IMPACT 1000 headset is certified for Microsoft Teams and meets Open Office requirements. It is part of EPOS's commitment to delivering high-quality audio experiences.

With noise attenuation technology, such as the hybrid adaptive ANC in IMPACT 1000 headsets, participants require less listening effort and have better recognition of speech in a noisy environment. This not only minimizes brain effort but also optimizes user efficiency and unlocks new levels of productivity and performance.

According to recent research by EPOS, noise reduction technology in audio devices are especially important for those people who are performing multiple tasks at once such as understanding speech while reacting to a visual task.

With triple Bluetooth connectivity, users can also stay connected to three devices at the same time and can easily move around while on a call as well as communicate with colleagues without having to remove their headset.

"As the complexities of the modern work-scape continue to evolve so too must the solutions that we use to ensure productivity and communication. Backed by world-leading psychoacoustic data, the IMPACT 1000 is a trailblazing innovation for professionals and businesses operating in the New Open Office environment,” said Theis Mørk, VP Product Management at EPOS. “Communication is at the core of business success and it's integral that leaders think intentionally about how they are optimizing the potential of technology solutions to empower their employees. Doing so will help improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency."

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