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Logitech Introduces Rally Bar Huddle for Better Small Meeting Experiences

June 02, 2023

Huddle rooms play an important role in many office locations as they can facilitate efficient and collaborative business interactions in a smaller, more focused setting. Benefits like greater creativity generation, communication, and teamwork are all key reasons many businesses today are using huddle rooms at their operations.

They’re also gaining popularity as companies redesign office spaces today and invest in AV technologies to promote collaboration among hybrid workforces.

To ensure they are equipped with feature-packed video collaboration tools they need to succeed, Logitech has released a new Rally Bar Huddle that is focused on delivering equitable video conference meetings with ease.

The all-in-one appliance-based video bar for huddle and small rooms is not only quick to set up and simple to manage but it can also be integrated with Tap IP through CollabOS.

Designed for rooms up to six people, it will ensure every participant is seen and heard clearly. Using AI video intelligence that is built into the unit and 4K image quality, remote participants can easily be a part of the conversation happening in the room.

“Huddle rooms are popping up faster than companies can video-enable them,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech B2B. “We designed Rally Bar Huddle from the ground up to have the optimal AI functionality for modern equitable meetings while coming in at a price point that is affordable for every single huddle room out there."

Rally Bar Huddle will be globally available beginning in July 2023 through authorized sellers and and will be priced at $1,699.

With versatile deployment options, it can work with dedicated computers, in BYOD mode, or as an appliance running video conferencing apps and supports popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. For IT teams,  it is possible to set up and manage rooms using Logitech Sync, including monitoring health and analyzing usage and there are customization options like off-white fabric covers for specific environments.

Future software updates, including the addition of advanced features like RightSight 2 (available in Fall 2023) will continuously improve Rally Bar Huddles intelligence. This will include things like AI capabilities for Speaker View to detect active speakers, Grid View to detect faces and give participants their own frame, as well as integrations with Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, Microsoft IntelliFrame, and more.

The company also placed a focus on sustainability as Rally Bar Huddle incorporates 42% recycled plastic, uses FSC-certified paper packaging, and supports responsible forest management.

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