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Edgewater Wireless Expands Patent Portfolio and Ring-Fences Leadership in Multi-Link Wi-Fi

May 08, 2023

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

More and more devices and applications are connected today. (Those that can’t see that have been living under a rock). As a result, the demand for wireless bandwidth is on the rise. A technology that offers a promising solution to help meet these demands is Wi-Fi spectrum slicing.

Here’s a long-story-short version of what Wi-Fi spectrum slicing is for any unfamiliar with it. Wi-Fi spectrum slicing is a technique used to divide the Wi-Fi spectrum into smaller sub-bands or “slices.” Wi-Fi spectrum slicing allows for more in-band channels than all legacy Wi-Fi architectures up to and including Wi-Fi 7, enabling a robust, future-proof platform for features like multi-link operation, or MLO, and dual-channel Wi-Fi.

The basic principle of MLO is simple. Using more channels reduces latency and improves performance. Wi-Fi 7 is the first to embrace multi-channel/link architecture with its marquee feature, MLO. It promises lower latency and higher throughputs, highlighting the power of multi-channel/link architecture. This is where Edgewater Wireless Systems comes in, providing Wi-Fi spectrum slicing technology, which offers more in-band channels than all legacy Wi-Fi architectures.

Edgewater Wireless Systems, with its history of innovation in the Wi-Fi and wireless spaces, is a player in the Wi-Fi spectrum slicing technology, already backed by 26 granted patents, for residential and enterprise markets. To solidify its position in the industry, Edgewater Wireless submitted a new patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Titled "Method and Apparatus for In-band Multi-channel Determination and Utilization," the new patent application is the culmination of years of research and development, providing Edgewater with the necessary tools to be successful in multi-link Wi-Fi and wireless innovation.

"This new patent application is the culmination of many years of customer-driven, extensive real-world research and development, which has given us enormous insights into the challenges faced by Wi-Fi networks," said Eric Smith, Vice President of Product for Edgewater Wireless. "By adding application-level innovations to our patent portfolio, we are effectively ring-fencing our leadership in multi-link Wi-Fi."

By providing more in-band channels, Wi-Fi spectrum slicing enables a more robust and reliable connection, reducing congestion and interference. This is vital in the current world, where remote work and online learning are the norm. With Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing, the residential and enterprise markets enjoy better connectivity and faster speeds, providing an overall better experience for end-users.

"The new patent application highlights our core belief in customer-focused innovation as the path to unlocking shareholder value," said Andrew Skafel, CEO of Edgewater Wireless. "With over 20 billion Wi-Fi devices shipped today and a robust future forecasted, managing congestion and interference are paramount to delivering the best real-world performance possible. Spectrum slicing delivers."

Edited by Alex Passett



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