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Moozumo: sComm Launches App for Dynamic, Real-Time Calls over Text

April 17, 2023

By Alex Passett, Editor

Technologies designed with accessibility features – aka toggleable options tailored for individuals with vision, hearing, speech or other cognitive impairments – are often the most adaptive and widely lauded, as they take true inclusivity into consideration for entire spectrums of users, rather than just a single type.

SComm is a company that puts this idea into motion. With a mission to shatter face-to-face communication barriers, sComm builds to empower every individual’s voice, as each one deserves to be heard. The company’s flagship product is the UbiDuo, an SGD (Speech-Generating Device) loaded with critical, next-gen components that make it easier for deaf or hard-of-hearing users to participate in dynamic conversations.

And this month, sComm officially announced its newest app: moozumo.

moozumo allows users to make real-time text calls, just like one would make traditional voice calls. On text-calls, users see the text from other users immediately as it’s typed. A patented and first-of-its-kind, real-time text-call app has been sorely needed amongst impaired users, and now sComm has provided.

"moozumo establishes new standards of texting and experience never available or offered before on cell phones worldwide," said Jason Curry, sComm’s CEO. "When you call someone on moozumo, their cellphone rings just like a regular phone call, and you have the option of accepting or rejecting the incoming text call. Audible, visual, and vibration alerts are also available."

With lightning-fast speeds, moozumo’s split-screen interface allows for simultaneous interaction. According to Prasad Pillai, Chief Product Officer for moozumo, it “enables new options to engage in far more natural speech, especially where carrying on a noiseless conversation can prove extremely beneficial.”

For privacy’s sake, moozumo text-call conversations also disappear after both parties hang up. (Unless a recording option is selected in order to save conversation logs.)

moozumo is now available here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez



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