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Edgecore and Wavespot Partner to Enhance OpenWiFi Solutions

March 13, 2023

Edgecore Networks and Wavespot have teamed up to provide better Wi-Fi network options for enterprises and service providers. By combining Edgecore's OpenWiFi access points with Wavespot's cloud controller, they aim to deliver top-notch performance, scalability, and security.

This partnership will give customers more flexibility and a stronger Wi-Fi infrastructure. (Which comes with especially significant timing, as more businesses are moving away from vendor lock-in and looking to keep strong Wi-Fi connectivity.)

With Edgecore’s TIP OpenWiFi Ready Access Point, a cloud controller SDK is used to build cloud-native Wi-Fi controller software for service providers and enterprises.

Using Wavespot’s cloud controller, it is now possible to manage multiple vendors’ access points from a single pane of glass, streamlining network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Now, users will have more freedom and a better return on investment to meet the changing needs of modern businesses.

“The OpenWiFi access points from Edgecore are designed for exceptional performance and scalability. By integrating them with Wavespot's multi-vendor cloud controller, users can enjoy a comprehensive and customizable solution for their Wi-Fi network infrastructure,” said TengTai Hsu, VP of Product Management at Edgecore.

Together, the offerings also allows for unique business cases for any OpenWiFi deployment in various industries from hospitality to restaurant, retail, and healthcare.

“We're thrilled to partner with Edgecore and offer our customers a more versatile and powerful Wi-Fi network infrastructure,” said Siddharth Singh, CEO of Wavespot. "By supporting OpenWiFi access points, we’re eliminating vendor lock-in and giving users more choice and flexibility when it comes to their Wi-Fi networks. And by combining Edgecore's devices with Wavespot's location-based services, users can gain valuable insights and improve their operations and customer experience."

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