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Report: Majority of Enterprises to Grow Use of UC&C Platforms in 2023

February 07, 2023

As more businesses adopt hybrid work models, the need for tools and support for those working outside the office has become increasingly important. New research from NETSCOUT SYSTEMS found that 75 percent of businesses will be increasing their use and support of UC collaboration platforms, applications, and tools as they are critical to their organization’s current work environment.

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS provides performance management, cybersecurity, and DDoS protection solutions.

The new research looked at how UC&C platforms contribute to the success of post-pandemic hybrid work and its future.

The company surveyed 300 IT decision-makers at organizations with over $1 billion in revenue, and 69% of them reported that they have already increased the number of UC&C tools they use. Further, 75% expect to support more platforms over the next 12 months.

The research also found that the driving force behind most organizations' decisions to increase adoption is to take advantage of new features and functions (89%) or better support employee collaboration (67%).

Microsoft Teams and Zoom were found to be the most commonly used platforms. Eighty-six percent said they use Microsoft Teams and 78% said they use Zoom. More than half (58%) said their organizations previously used Webex, Slack or Google Meet.

The increased uptake is not without challenges.

According to the research, 54% of companies still take a few hours to resolve UC&C-related issues and only 23% use an independent tool with packet analysis to monitor the performance and experience of remote workers.

In the call center space, where remote and hybrid operations are becoming more and more popular, IT leaders feel call quality, dropped calls, delayed connection times, and troubleshooting are still challenging because of the remote work of contact center employees.

“Hybrid work models have added complexity to the UC&C platforms used by large enterprises and call centers,” said Michael Szabados, chief operating officer, NETSCOUT. “They have become reliant on these platforms to keep their businesses running. To keep ahead of these challenges, NETSCOUT continually invests in its solutions to address complexity and provide visibility across multiple platforms to ensure the best quality user experience.”

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