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AnswerNet Adds Text Support to Answering Service

January 27, 2023

Text messaging has become one of the most popular channels for communications today - in addition to preferring to chat with family and friends via text, today’s consumers also want access to businesses via this channel.

According to statistics, 90% of consumers prefer to communicate using text. This leads to a better customer experience and higher perceived customer satisfaction. No longer are people willing to spend time navigating a cumbersome phone system or wait on hold to speak to someone when their queries can be resolved in a simple text.

For many businesses this means adding text access for users and having a plan for what to do when a customer texts and they aren’t there to answer.

Now, AnswerMyTexts, a service solution from AnswerNet, meets those needs for businesses.

It not only lets business owners handle texts on their business phone number, but can also have those texts handled by AnswerNet agents when they are not available.

"The use of texting-to-business numbers has been slowed because there has been no solution that allows the business to handle its own texts, or to have a third party handle them when the business is unavailable", said Gary Pudles, CEO of AnswerNet. "With the AnswerMyTexts service, AnswerNet is leading the revolution in helping businesses move seamlessly into text communications."

By text-enabling their business phone lines, businesses can schedule times in advance when they’ll need agents to answer texts or have them available on demand so customer inquiries never go unanswered.

The AnswerMyTexts service also features the ability to easily text-enable any landline number in minutes or, get a new number that can be text enabled right from AnswerNet.

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