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Grandstream Pushes for Customer Engagement over Social WiFi

December 01, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Customers of any business, whether a restaurant or retail store or any other industry, walk in and the first thing they often do is get on their phone. They may be doing it for any number of reasons – business or personal – but they fact is, mobile apps are often opened the moment people reach their destinations. This is an trend that businesses with Wi-Fi need to jump on to gain better insights on their customers. Particularly in retail, hospitality, and other consumer-facing industries, Wi-Fi can be a tremendous source of customer intelligence.

Wi-Fi marketing solution provider Social WiFi offers tools to brick-and-mortar businesses that gather customer data, automate remarketing efforts and gather positive online reviews. The way this works is by gathering cookies that allow Social WiFi to display Facebook ads and Google ads to customers. Also, when the customer logs in with available social media services or an email address, this data is used to contact them personally.

In an effort to make these tools more accessible, Social WiFi’s suite of customer Wi-Fi marketing tools is now integrated with Grandstream’s GWN series of Wi-Fi access points.

“By adding another enterprise brand, we hope to connect more businesses, more quickly,” said Paul Webster, CEO of Social WiFi. “Grandstream is a brand that is growing in popularity with quality enterprise equipment, at competitive prices and solid availability.”

Grandstream’s GWN Series of Wi-Fi APs offer features that include Wi-Fi 6 support, MU-MIMO, multi-antenna arrays and beamforming technology to provide optimal performance for demanding public and business networks.

Grandstream's GWN Series brings additional value to IT teams because of the ability to manage them centrally from Grandstream’s free cloud management platform, GWN.Cloud. With GWN.Cloud, secure networks can be deployed, managed and monitored in real time using a mobile app or web browser. GWN.Cloud features complete scalability with no limits on the number of sites.

By pairing Grandstream’s GWN Series Wi-Fi APs with the suite of customer Wi-Fi marketing tools from Social WiFi, businesses gain valuable insight about their visitors and customers, allowing them to remarket to them automatically after a visit and gather online reviews and more.

The combined solution also allows businesses to track the ROI of Wi-Fi hardware and network infrastructure, something that is often difficult.

“The integration of Social WiFi’s solutions with our GWN Series of APs will allow the creation of public and business Wi-Fi networks that provide added value for the network owner while maintaining security and achieving high performance,” said Jorge Otero, sales director, LATAM for Grandstream.

Edited by Erik Linask



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