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New AVer PTZ Conferencing Camera Gives Remote Meetings an Upgrade

November 04, 2022

Video conferencing usage grew massively during the pandemic. Today, though most believe we are on the back end of two-plus very challenging year, it remains a key business communications tool, particularly with remote and hybrid work a permanent part of the work environment. A positive byproduct, now that people are generally more comfortable with video meetings, is solution providers are constantly enhancing their portfolios to improve meeting experiences with an eye on making virtual participants feel more engaged.

Now that the work has acknowledged and accepted the value of video conferencing, creating more immersive and visually appealing experiences is key to fostering positive interactions.

Video conferencing provider AVer Europe is bringing a new PTZ conferencing camera that delivers on this front. The new offering includes pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) functions as well as built-in voice sensors, so users can benefit from intelligent audio tracking in mid-to-large meeting rooms.

The latest offering, the CAM570 Dual Lens 4K Audio Tracking Camera, comes with two audio tracking modes (presentation and speaker) and other premium-grade features so all participants – remote or in-person – will feel as though they are in the same room.

“Packed full of innovative new technology, the CAM570 raises the bar for video conferencing, providing the most immersive and enriching Pro-AV experience possible for hybrid and remote meetings,” said Rene Buhay, SVP of Sales & Marketing for AVer Europe.

One of the biggest pain points of video conferences of the past was for remote collaborators trying to follow all the actions happening in the room during the meeting. Cameras that were stationed with only one view and microphones that only picked up sound in one area of the room limited productivity.

This latest offering from AVer changes the game with the features it’s included. With its Dynamic Detection feature, the camera can automatically

adjust the camera angle and zoom to focus on participants in the room. The Smart Gallery capability combines close-ups of everyone, so all participants get equal representation in meetings. It also leverages AI capabilities to identify new meeting participants and enable PIP layouts to feature both individual speakers and wider views of an entire room. It's AI also allows users to enable or disable many features using gesture controls, rather than requiring a physical interaction with the device or application.

The CAM570 is Zoom certified and works seamlessly with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing platfo

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