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Tango Extends Business Communication with eSIM Support

November 02, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Frontline workers such as mobile healthcare providers and technicians tend to be the main point of contact for customers, but being on the go means they are often away from their desk phones and out of reach for corporate communication. Many frontline workers don’t even have a desk and rely exclusively on their mobile devices.

There had to be a way to integrate business communication for mobile and deskless employees. Tango Networks made that possible with its Tango Extend service, bridging that business communication gap.

Extend, which now comes with eSIM support, enables businesses to gain direct control over their embedded business line on an employee’s personal BYOD phone for business voice, messaging and data. Extend requires no apps or special phone clients and no training being mobile native.

Activation is made through a QR code for eSIM provisioning as Extend integrates an eSIM on the employee’s personal phone into the company’s communications platform. Dual SIM mobile devices manage SIMs as separate subscriptions on the device. This allows the user to choose to make a personal call using their personal SIM or a business call using the Extend eSIM.

Business calls and texts automatically present the business number to the called party and the company captures and records the communications for retention or monitoring. Personal calls and texts use the personal identity and number and remain private and secure.

“Gone are the days when employees had to buy and issue mobile phones to employees, who in turn had to carry two phones,” said Douglas Bartek, CEO of Tango Networks. “Now, one device does it all while keeping business and personal communications completely separate and secure.”

Samsung, Apple, Google and several other smartphone makers have started supporting eSIM with their phones, as have most of the major laptop manufacturers. With Extend, put away the landlines and company mobile phones to reduce the carbon footprint and lower expenses with their eSIM enabled devices.

Edited by Erik Linask



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