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Poly Elevates Meeting Equity Across Google Meet and Voice

October 28, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Hybrid work is an ideal situation for employees. It offers improved work-life balance compared to traditional in-office jobs, raising productivity in the process. At least until it is time to attend a meeting.

To some remote employees, this means attending a meeting where they feel excluded, or they cannot hear the speaker because of background noise or poor audio quality. This often comes down to the company not providing the meeting technology that engages all employees, in-office or remote, while providing clear video and clear audio.

Audio and video solutions provider Poly and Google Meet are committed to make video collaboration more effective. Poly's line of Studio X video bars will be certified for Google Meet, Google Voice and Chrome OS. With Poly, Google Meet customers are offered a native Google Meet experience and deliver a streamlined, purpose-built experience for any meeting room.

Each video bar in the Poly Studio X family, including Poly Studio X30, Studio X50 and Studio X70, features smart, broadcast quality video for meeting rooms of all sizes with innovative capabilities that include Poly DirectorAI, NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence.

Poly DirectorAI is smart camera technology that uses AI and machine learning to deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing and tracking. It also features people framing to gives an up-close view of each meeting participant. NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence are audio innovations that block out unwanted background noise.

Combine these capabilities with Google Meet, and users will have HD video with Poly DirectorAI smart camera experiences, room-filling audio and crystal-clear microphone pickup, Poly USB Device Mode for multi-platform flexibility, dual display to see people and content full screen as well as one-touch click to join via TC8 controller.

For those with any security concerns, the solution is secure with a hardened operating system, secure update distribution and third-party testing for security vulnerabilities.

"Poly’s innovative video solutions offer customers a fantastic meeting experience, which is why we are so pleased to bring Google Meet to Poly’s Studio X30, X50 and X70," said David Citron, director of product, Google Meet and Voice.

Poly Studio X family certified for Google Meet will be available worldwide in January 2023.

Edited by Erik Linask



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