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UCaaS Monitoring Needed for Better Digital Experiences

October 20, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

The adoption of UCaaS tools surged during the pandemic to help remote employees communicate, giving them the ability to work from anywhere. But, as that happens, network performance remains critical to business success and user experience.

Sure, UCaaS vendors strive to deliver “superior” service and performance. However, IT professionals, application owners and desktop support teams run into struggles to gain network visibility into the last mile. A few speed bumps faced include dropped video calls and virtual meetings. These, for example, negatively impact productivity levels and cause an increased support burden.

Digital experience monitoring solutions provider Exoprise looked to provide a better digital experience regardless of location, network or device – and it will do that with its latest Service Watch release. The solution enables enterprise IT and UC teams to analyze the end-to-end network path for every UC application for every user on every network.

Exoprise will collect UCaaS digital experience insights and provide end-user coverage in areas that include:

  • Better VoIP and UCaaS call management: Proactive synthetic monitoring detects problems before upcoming meetings, regardless of whether the call is scheduled from a conference room or any other remote location.
  • On-demand diagnostic management: Exoprise real user monitoring agent captures connected TCP/IP or streaming UDP protocol metrics such as latency, packet loss and jitter in real-time. Hop-by-hop analysis instantly identifies issues with the network, service provider or proxy services during audio/video streams, desktop or application sharing.
  • Employee experience and collaboration management: Monitor UCaaS performance from the perspective of users. Immediately prioritize issues based on the digital employee experience score and improve workplace productivity.
  • Endpoint management: End-user experience monitoring solutions monitor the end-to-end network infrastructure path for any thick client app service so the team can deliver an optimal call quality.
  • Network transformation management: Technology teams obtain a baseline view of the network before, during and after transformations.

“UCaaS application monitoring represents a big opportunity for Exoprise to deliver an exceptional digital experience for employees and re-energize any workforce," said Exoprise CEO Jason Lieblich.

Here is an example of the Exoprise solution at work. Exoprise had a customer, a multinational financial services company, in need of a tool that will empower the customer contact center team that works from home. The call volume reached 250-300 on any given day, but frustration grew as calls dropped and staff faced a poor UC experience. One can only imagine how their customers felt.

After looking in the market for a tool to support the team, the Exoprise digital experience monitor solution was used to diagnose and troubleshoot 24/7 network problems with UCaaS apps from anywhere. By utilizing Exoprise, that company gained efficiencies and reduced its ticket volume by 45%. 

“Service Watch DEM with RUM + Robots enables businesses of all sizes to successfully transition to an evolving UCaaS landscape along with added scalability, flexibility and cost-efficiency,” said Lieblich.

Edited by Erik Linask



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