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Kensington Launches Optimal Hybrid Work Headset

October 04, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Headsets provided by some businesses are not optimal for employees who are on calls or video conferences much of the day. They are flimsy, the mic picks up every little noise around it causing background noise to overtake the user’s voice, and the headset is uncomfortable on the ears. Many also don’t deliver great audio quality, detracting from the audio experience, whether in-call or when listening to music while not on calls.

Kensington wanted to design a headset optimal for professionals who make and take calls frequently throughout the day – or, frankly, for anyone who desires a premium audio experience without the pricepoint of most high-end headsets. Kensington expanded its Professional Video Conferencing ecosystem with the H2000 USB-C Over-Ear Headset. The headset features an ergonomic over-ear design that provides an immersive and focused experience, delivering high quality sound, premium productivity features and all-day comfort.

Users won’t have to worry about background noise when on calls, such as keyboard clicks and nearby conversations, as the headset’s enhanced environmental noise-canceling microphones suppress up to 90% of distracting sounds. At the same time, passive noise canceling technology will block out sounds that the user would normally hear. These two features enable the user to fully immerse themselves in their conversations.

“The new H2000 delivers a solution that helps eliminate background noise and distractions from colleagues to ensure a truly professional video conferencing experience,” said Ada Yang, director of global product management at Kensington.

The comfort the headset brings include an over-ear design with cooling-gel infused memory foam earpads covered in breathable fabric to keep the headset cool over extended periods of usage. Also, the headset features built-in hearing protection that will shield the user from obnoxious audio levels. And, when the user is tired of sitting for long periods of time, the headset features a 6-foot USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter that allows users to stand and stretch.

The H2000 headset, starting at $99.99, will work with Kensington’s webcams, lighting and mounting, audio and software products, as well as calling applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. This makes it an optimal headset for hybrid working environments.

Edited by Erik Linask



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