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RoboKiller Takes Fight to Surging Robotexts

September 30, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

“Ugh, another robotext” is a phrase many Americans are thinking to themselves more often in 2022. Robotexts are an alarming problem, and Americans are on track to receive an estimated 147 billion robotexts in 2022, surpassing the 2021 total by 68%, according to RoboKiller’s  “2022 Mid-Year Phone Scam Report.”

As robotexts continue to rise, brands become victims of SMS imposter scams. These ploys defraud a brand's customers by impersonating brands via text. There are steps to combat robotexts that the FCC is considering, but these efforts take time to enlist.

RoboKiller took matters into its own hands to combat robotexts. RoboKiller Enterprise, a suite of FCC-compliant phone spam solutions for business, will now offer protection against smishing via its Command API. The Command API dashboard is designed to make identifying and eliminating spam easier regardless of call volume

RoboKiller Command seamlessly integrates via API to stop or mitigate robocalls and robotexts on any network. RoboKiller Enterprise's Command API features allow businesses to protect their bottom line and answer the calls and texts that matter. Features include:

  • Robocall and robotext identification and blocking technology that uses AI, machine learning and audio fingerprinting technology to eliminate 99% of risky messages.
  • Block status recommendations, which allows businesses to see how RoboKiller Enterprise would handle any call.
  • Protection against more than 600 million known scam numbers and counting.

RoboKiller Enterprise simplifies the process of helping businesses comply with STIR/SHAKEN and/or institute a robocall mitigation plan. RoboKiller Enterprise provides real-time reputation data for phone numbers, a confidence score for that reputation and a recommendation for how to handle any given call or text.

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