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New Text Request Features Ease Customer Connection Via Text Messaging

September 15, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

Communication with customers serves many needs. It keeps customers informed and increases engagement, driving brand attachment. It helps businesses gain a better understanding on how their products or services are living up to customer standards. Of course, it also serves a customer service mechanism to answer questions or resolve issues.

With nearly 70% of the world’s population owning a mobile device and with text messaging a primary communications medium for users, text should be a prominent business communications channel.

"To connect with customers in 2022, you have to be texting," said Text Request Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Rob Reagan. "We're here to make those connections possible and effortless for business teams."

Because consumers increasingly expect personalized digital communications. Text Request is helping businesses connect with customers through text messaging and released new features to help business users better connect with their customers and other contacts.

The platform now features a desktop app, contact merge fields for individual messages and saved message templates, new reports for user logins and for payments, send and receive PDF attachments, MMS messaging and PDFs for HIPAA Compliant Texting accounts and the ability for account admins to redact messages, hiding personal info shared via text.

Text Request, named the Zipwhip replacement by Twilio earlier this year, made improvements to the Zipwhip Migration Tool. With the improvements, the tool now automatically transfers text lines, users, contacts, message history, contact notes, opt outs and templates from Zipwhip to Text Request without users having to download data.

Text Request also released integrations to its platform that include:

  • Help Scout: Import contacts from Help Scout to Text Request, and sync text conversations in Help Scout.
  • Quickbooks: Sync contacts from Quickbooks to Text Request, automatically send notifications and receipts for invoices and payments and handle inbound questions via text.
  • Angi Leads: Trigger texts to new leads that come in through Angi and continue the conversation via Text Request. Angi and Text Request announced their partnership in July.

"It's a big year for product improvements," said Reagan. "And we have several more notable updates coming this quarter and next. But it's an even bigger year for revenue growth; we've already doubled our recurring revenue this year."

The growth is a testament to an understanding by businesses that, if they want to connect effectively with their customers, they must leverage customers’ preferred channel. Increasingly, that’s text messaging.

Edited by Erik Linask



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