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CallCabinet Celebrates 10 Years of Call Recording

August 15, 2022

Boca Raton, Fla.-based CallCabinet first introduced its call recording compliance offering to the market in 2012. It was still a new technology at the time, but one that would quickly become necessary. The release of Atmos, its cloud-native call recording platform, provided a way for financial services firms and others to manage regulatory compliance.

The company is now celebrating 10 years in business and has no plans to stop innovating in its market segment – which may not seem like the flashiest in the communications space, but is a critical one for many industries and businesses.

“We set out to be disruptive and we’ve never really stopped. Practically everything we do has some degree of impact upon the industry,” said CallCabinet’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ron Romanchik.

“It’s our tenth anniversary,” noted Romanchik, “and that’s a great time to remind audiences that we’ve been driving innovation in the industry for years, and we’re still doing so now. We keep making compliance recording possible for remote workforces, unified communications (UC) platforms, and contact centers all over the world.”

Today call recording continues to play an increasingly important role in all types of communications and is transforming the way enterprises operate. Especially during COVID-19, CallCabinet’s offerings made it possible for businesses and contact centers around the globe to remain open and still have compliance and QA monitoring in remote “work-from-home” scenarios.

Now, post-pandemic, most workplaces are offering fully remote or hybrid work from home capabilities in order to attract and keep employees. To power these environments, UC platforms like Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex are being used.

CallCabinet says it one of only a handful of certified solutions for Microsoft Teams and is a Cisco Preferred Solution and Solutions Plus Provider. In addition, it recently partnered with Zoom to include compliant recording solutions in its UC platform.

“UC is the new revolution, much like the cloud recording revolution that we began with CallCabinet,” said CEO Ryan Kahan. “Our platform enables UC like no other, bringing comprehensive compliance, quality assurance, and game-changing business intelligence to those platforms right when businesses need them the most.”

The company has spent its 10 years in business fine-tuning its soluion, integrating with nearly every PBX and business platform available, including UC solutions.

Edited by Erik Linask


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