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Soprano Brings CPaaS Platform Deeper into the US Market

July 21, 2022

In a move that will help to further expand its mission of making communications more fluid and more efficient, Australia-based global communications solution Soprano Design has announced the expansion of its product offering in the U.S.

The company provides intelligent and secure mobile messaging software solutions for businesses and consumers across the globe. Over 12 billion messages are sent from its Soprano Connect CPaaS platform annually.

Soprano's CPaaS platform is designed to give businesses the ability to communicate with their customers using the channels they prefer.

According to company officials, the time is right to move further into the U.S. market thanks to recent product enhancements and acquisitions. Demands for outbound and inbound communications are also growing and security is still top of mind.

Soprano offers control options for message data encryption, data protection, customer data privacy, and compliance.

The platform is also built with simple set-up and minimal training in mind, so business users can get started on their communication strategy quickly and easily.

A study from Juniper Research found CPaaS will reach $15 billion in North America by 2026. As this growth drives investment, the region is also anticipated to represent 45 percent  of the global CPaaS market value by 2026.

"We have expanded to go beyond the traditional 160-character SMS based on a vision of evolving the way we communicate with each other. We're not a new company. In fact, we've been around for nearly the entire evolution of automated communications, and today we remain at the forefront of the next generation. Mobile users themselves are the driving force behind the evolution of the industry,” said Matt Thompson, Head of Marketing at Soprano.

“The big shift today is that consumers and employees are aware there are ways they can engage in a more meaningful and exciting way, and they expect this from the brands they interact with," said Thompson.

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