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AB Handshake Shields Against Voice Fraud Attacks

July 20, 2022

By Greg Tavarez, Business VoIP Editor

The telecom industry is at the center of fraud threat. Telcos worldwide lose nearly $40 billion annually because of fraud – a figure that is rising with no end in sight. Traditional fraud management systems (FMS), stopped some fraud attacks, and the FCC is in the middle of the global telecom fraud fight, specifically against robocalls.

Joining the fight, AB Handshake combined machine learning and big data technology in its solution, AI Shield. The new solution is an AI-based FMS designed to eliminate voice fraud attacks in real time on inbound and outbound traffic on an operator’s network.

The all-in-one solution for voice fraud protection can help stop fraud in real time, helping businesses increase revenue by avoiding service denial. AI Shield will protect operators and enterprises from major types of fraud, including Wangiri, PBX hack, short stopping, robocalls, spam calls and arbitrage.

AI Shield's engine is trained on vast volumes of retail and wholesale voice traffic, and the built-in IVR module warns users when calling high-risk number ranges.

With AI Shield’s user-friendly interface, users will monitor the fraud landscape in real time and see all parameters of fraudulent calls on one dashboard, reverse active blockages in one click, and store and edit blacklists, whitelists and threshold-based rules.

AI Shield can be installed inside the security perimeter of an operator and in the cloud. It is connected to any network element that can transmit A and B numbers and three call events: start, connect, stop. The integration options are secure and flexible.

In a time when fraud numbers show no sign of slowing down, AI Shield will not only save businesses time and money, it will provide its 97% accuracy in fraud detection and prevention.

Edited by Erik Linask



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