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Smarsh Adds Financial Industry Compliance Updates

April 04, 2022

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

While we all have our own pet peeves about Zoom calls, financial services companies are facing stiff challenges in the age of virtual meetings. On one side is their need to use video conferencing for remote and hybrid workers, which make up nearly a third of the workforce in 2022. On the other side is the driving need to stay within the boundaries of the rules and regulations that cover financial data. Organizations that handle financial data need to be able to support compliance at a greater scale than ever before as employees remain more distributed and digitally connected.

Portland, Oregon-based Smarsh, which provides a solution called Capture for Zoom, recently announced new capabilities to help organizations remain compliant. Smarsh’s Capture for Zoom, which was developed in collaboration with Zoom, enables enterprise organizations that need to comply with financial industry compliance regulations to unlock the expanded capabilities of Zoom Meetings at the largest scale possible.

"With the workforce becoming increasingly hybrid and using more communication channels, Enterprise organizations are more at risk than ever before," said Goutam Nadella, Chief Product Officer at Smarsh. "Smarsh works with many of the largest global banks and financial firms to provide a scalable and secure solution to supervise their Zoom communications. Our future-proof solution enables these organizations and their employees to be productive in this age of hybrid work while staying compliant."

The updated version of Capture for Zoom enables customers to capture content up to 250,000 Zoom Meeting users. Now, the Smarsh Capture solution captures more than 80 channels natively using APIs to send data to Smarsh archiving platforms or any external archive, third-party application, or data lake.

When customers use Smarsh for Zoom Meetings, they can capture all the nuances contained in both video and voice content. The content is captured in its native format together with associated context and metadata, including transcriptions for voice. Transcriptions can be searched alongside other text-based content, which enhances the effectiveness of content search and review.

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