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MessageBird Now Owns Domain

February 11, 2022

Sometimes things don’t work out, and sometimes it’s for the best. And that’s exactly what happened for Messaging provider MessageBird. The Amsterdam-based omnichannel communications platform finally acquired after an auction sale of the domain for $2.5 million fell through after the buyer failed to pay.

News of the potential purchase began circulating back in November of last year when a domain change was noticed. While the original owner and the seller said an auction did occur, he could not confirm who it was sold to. Many speculated it was in fact MessageBird, because the new domain was pointing to the Netherlands - where the company is also located.

We now have confirmation as the domain entered ‘Pending Transfer’ with MessageBird B.V. as the owner. It’s still very early and an official domain transfer so that actually forwards to has not happened yet.

According to some reports, this domain purchase transaction was for $10M but there has not been confirmation of this.

The MessageBird platform is used by over 20,000 customers - some of the biggest brands in the world - so that they can intelligently communicate with customers. Companies including Facebook , Uber, Heineken, and Airbnb - among many others use their platform.

The company provides products, tools, and omnichannel solutions that work as building blocks so businesses can streamline conversations for customers. The goal is for these communications and transactions to happen in the most natural and on the channels their customers prefer like SMS, voice, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Instagram, email, and more.

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