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HomeCare of New York Chooses Avaya to Improve Customer Experiences

January 31, 2022

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

In the digital age, it’s difficult to maintain a loyal customer base after a poor experience. Customers are no longer willing to wait in long queue lines, deal with choppy reception, and navigate through menus simply to complete basic tasks. But thanks to advancements in cloud communications, businesses can move beyond unreliable infrastructure, and create seamless customer experiences without the usual hiccups.

Preferred HomeCare of New York, one of the state’s largest healthcare service agencies, recently invested in the Avaya Cloud Office suite to transform its customer service operations and increase productivity. The agency's previous system made it difficult for customer calls to be received by agents, creating a massive backlog for the customer service department. Leaders with Preferred HomeCare decided to invest in Avaya Cloud Office to guarantee calls were directed properly the first time, allowing agents to care for customers without delay.

“Preferred Home Care of New York touts its customer service as a top priority and the recurring downtime issues became a pattern,” commented David Adres, Chief Technology Officer at Preferred Home Care of New York “The system was very convoluted; it was almost impossible to configure and maintain. Dozens of agents would be sitting there not getting calls, and we had to ensure we could address every call with a human on the line ready to assist. What would have taken us days or weeks to do before can now be done in minutes with Avaya Cloud Office.”

Investing in Avaya Cloud Office also helped Preferred HomeCare expand customer support in other ways. For instance, the suite's mobile application support, conferencing tools, and messaging capabilities gives agents greater opportunities for flexibility and productivity. The suite's intuitive interface makes it easier for agents to manage work tasks, ensuring customer tickets never go missing from the queue.

“In organizations such as Preferred Home Care, creating a Total Experience – where Customer, Employee, User, and Multiexperience intersect – required them to focus on the entire customer and employee journey,” said Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and CMO, Avaya. “The Avaya OneCloud portfolio helps provide customers the platform to build a Total Experience from a holistic standpoint.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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