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Intulse Introduces New Video Conferencing Feature, Intulse Meetings

January 05, 2022

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

In the twenty-first century, and in the age of COVID-19, videoconferencing has become a core component of business. With business travel becoming difficult, more organizations rely on the increased interpersonal nature that videoconferencing can provide over other communications methods. For many small businesses, this means relying on public videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, which has a distinct disadvantage in terms of quality and privacy. Many generic videoconferencing solutions also don’t include the features small businesses may need, including recording and breakout rooms, or calendar scheduling.

Intulse, a provider of hosted voice over IP (VoIP) service for small businesses, recently announced the launch of a new platform for online conferencing, called Intulse Meetings. Intulse users will now have access to new video conferencing tools integrated into their Intulse system. As a video conferencing platform, Intulse Meetings will have the standard features associated with such programs. However, the soon-to-be-available developments with Intulse Meetings include native calendar scheduling, start video call from chat, and video recording.

Once added, users will be able to host virtual conferences and broadcast their desktop screens for professional presentations. At the same time, they can save time and effort by creating small groups within a single session. Intulse Meetings users can also save their sessions for posterity with the platform's video recording feature.

The video conferencing solution allows existing Intulse app users to expand their access to the platform's tools. They still have access to the app's specific features. Most of these existing tools involve traditional video conferencing tools.

Intulse Meetings supports individual and group chat features. The platform has speaker spotlights during group conferences that highlight conference speakers when they speak during a call. Breakout Rooms are also included in the Beta Release.

“We understand the frustration of dealing with disconnected video meeting apps when communicating with clients or team members,” said Intulse in its announcement of the new platform. “With today’s evolving technology, video calls shouldn’t ever be complex or unwieldy. We believe that remote teams deserve the best user experience available. Collaborate and stay connected with your team and clients with ease while hosting video calls, virtual meetings, screen sharing, and more.”

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