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Inteliquent and AWS Collaborate to Improve Phone Call Quality

November 29, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

With a significant percentage of the modern workforce converting to remote and hybrid work, quality phone service is a necessity. Buggy, glitchy, and fading conversations can be an annoyance for customers, and cause major hassles for employee collaboration as well. Background noise can also make conversations almost intolerable, but it’s something most of us have experienced.

To provide both employees and customers with the highest quality phone service available, cloud communications solutions company Inteliquent announced it will be integrating Amazon Chime SDK  noise suppression capabilities into its voice network. By doing so, users can engage in phone calls with crystal clear voice quality, ultimately leading to higher employee productivity and better customer experiences.

“Our noise suppression technology, Amazon Voice Focus, uses pre-trained deep machine learning to remove unwanted environmental and background noises that clutter calls,” said Sid Rao, General Manager, Amazon Chime SDK at AWS. “We are excited that Inteliquent is making this unique capability of the Amazon Chime SDK available to their customers on any of the more than 100 million phone numbers on their network.”

Utilizing advanced machine learning, Amazon’s noise suppression capabilities automatically filter out common background noises picked up in remote settings, such as construction, traffic, or home appliances. Additionally, Inteliquent customers are not required to overhaul networks or acquire new phones to take advantage of this service, as it can be used on any device allowing telephone calls (cellphones, deskphones, softphones, etc.)

“This powerful combination of high-quality voice service and enhanced machine learning provides remote employees, on-the-go callers, and call centers with a superior calling experience unparalleled in the market,” said Surendra Saboo, President of Inteliquent. “Now you can have a stress-free calling experience without distracting background noises.”

Edited by Luke Bellos


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