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Mida Brings More UC Apps to Zoom

November 19, 2021

The global pandemic of 2020 has left a lasting impression on the enterprise workforce of today. Many workplaces that suddenly needed to go digital amidst shutdowns are now returning to work and many are still taking advantage of the benefits they experienced using cloud offerings over the last year and a half.

With operations back in-house and moving forward, many businesses are now looking for solutions that build upon the digital communications offerings to further support their operations. That means more than just cloud calling and video, but additional tools to make working from these platforms more effective.

Zoom, one of the most prominent providers whose solutions were used by companies across the globe during the COVID-19 shutdowns - has now taken steps to improve and open up its offering to meet these needs.

In light of this, Mida, an Italian ISV,  has said it’s ready with a host of UC Apps for Zoom that will transform how businesses use their services.

The latest Mida for Zoom provides users UC tools they need. Applications for recording, cloud contact center, and attendant consoles will be offered via Mida’s C3 Cloud Contact Center for Zoom.

The addition of these applications,Zoom will transform the communications platform into a unique hub for users where they can distribute, manage, and record calls in compliance.

  • Mida Attendant Console for Zoom -  This is an easy-to-use professional voice application that can be added to Zoom with just a plug-in. It can be used from anywhere an agent logs in and helps them to manage incoming calls.
  • Mida C3 Cloud Contact Center  - Add a Cloud Contact Center to  Zoom and you’ll get all the UC applications needed to provide support as well as manage agents.
  • Mida Recorder for Zoom -  Enable Voice Recording safely via both PSTN to Zoom and Zoom to Zoom conversations.

Edited by Luke Bellos


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