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Smarsh Unveils New Communications Intelligence Platform

November 09, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Communications management solutions company Smarsh recently announced the launch of the Communications Intelligence Platform, a unique offering which offers enterprises greater control over storing communications for security and monitoring purposes.

A new era of hybrid work dawned, meaning the majority of business communications now takes place through a wide range of communications channels. Although this change has been a blessing from a productivity and convenience standpoint, it has created additional challenges for industries that must record and store these conversations for legal purposes.

Utilizing advanced AI capabilities and automation, users in highly regulated industries can now record and analyze communications through the cloud to simultaneously meet requirements while discovering new business insights.

"The Communications Intelligence Platform is a major step forward for regulated organizations, enabling them to illuminate risk and insights across petabytes of electronic communications generated by many different sources," said Brian Cramer, Chief Executive Officer at Smarsh. "Regulatory scrutiny is only becoming more sophisticated, and data will only continue to grow in volume and complexity. The only way for these organizations to truly leverage their communications intelligence at a global scale is by leveraging artificial intelligence and the flexibility and performance of the public cloud, two core components of this groundbreaking platform."

The Communications Intelligence Platform consolidates a number of key Smarsh applications, including Capture, Enterprise Archive, Conduct Intel and Discovery, offering customers absolute communications oversight from a single location.

"Legacy email archiving and surveillance solutions simply weren't built to handle the petabyte scale of disparate data created by organizations today," added Goutam Nadella, Smarsh Chief Product Officer. "They require a holistic strategy to handle electronic communications data and the technology to support it. With the Communications Intelligence Platform, enterprise organizations can consolidate their infrastructure with one provider, strengthen their risk and compliance initiatives, and put the intelligence within their electronic communications to work towards their business outcomes."

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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