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VoiceSage Announces Acquisition of 2sms

November 02, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

VoiceSage, a provider of cloud-focused business solutions based out of Ireland, revealed the acquisition of 2sms.

As part of this new deal, VoiceSage leaders intend to utilize 2sms products and services to gain traction in US markets.

“This transaction marks a significant milestone for VoiceSage in our journey towards international expansion and growth”, says Paul Cogan, chief operating officer of VoiceSage. “We will now be better able to meet the needs of 2sms customers with the extensive VoiceSage offering. The 2sms customer base span companies from financial services, education, and retail and this is very aligned with existing VoiceSage customers and our use cases. This made 2sms a natural fit for us”

Customer service has evolved quite dramatically in just the last decade, largely due to the vast number of options for businesses and customers to engage in communications. Though phone and email are still primary channels for customer inquiries, SMS has become a new favorite for users looking for a convenient and simple way to address their problems and concerns. Now that 2sms has joined VoiceSage, business customers will now be able to enhance contact center operations with true omnichannel support that customers expect.

“This gives VoiceSage a much bigger foothold in the U.S. market, where we have made extensive strides in the last two years” comments J.J. Kett, CEO of VoiceSage. “I am thrilled to welcome 2sms, its customers, and the entire 2sms team to the VoiceSage family; they have built a great business, and we share a common goal when it comes to value proposition to our customers”.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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