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Fusion Connect Announces Broad Service Guarantee for Voice and Data Services

November 01, 2021

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

Many companies today use cloud-based voice and data services, and nearly as many can recount problems they incurred by not reading the small print of agreements in advance. They may have found that access to robust customer service is only for customers using an entire suite of products, or that guarantees don’t apply to installation. They may have also found that the rates they agreed to pay for were for a short time only, and faced significantly escalating costs after a few months, or a year.

For this reason, it’s important that organizations examine the fine print of contracts and choose a provider that is open about its policies from the beginning.

Collaboration and managed network solutions provider Fusion Connect recently announced the implementation of a comprehensive service guarantee covering voice and data services, including Unified Communications (UCaaS) and SD-WAN. The Atlanta-based company is a provider of secure cloud communication, collaboration, security, and network management platforms.

The details of the service guarantee include:

Customer satisfaction guarantee. Customers will be satisfied with the quality of unified communications and SD-WAN services, and any issues will be resolved to their satisfaction, or the customer may cancel the service(s) without penalty.

Installation guarantee. Fusion Connect will meet the agreed-upon installation date(s) for UCaaS and/or SD-WAN services. If the targets are not met, the customer is credited a full month's MRC for the service.

One hundred percent uptime guarantee. The company provides a 100 percent uptime guarantee for customers that purchase both UCaaS and SD-WAN, or Fusion Connect provides a credit to the customer. 

Rate lock guarantee. Rates for Unified Communications and SD-WAN services will not change for the life of the customer's contract.

Future-proof technology guarantee. Ongoing upgrades to the next generation of UCaaS and SD-WAN technology implemented at no additional cost.

"Our approach at Fusion Connect is to put the customer first,” said John Dobbins, Chief Operating Officer at Fusion Connect, in a statement. “Within this framework, every team member is committed and empowered to ensure our customers succeed. With the Service Guarantee initiative, we pledge to provide relevant, personalized, and responsive technology solutions to enable always connected, secure, and dynamic work environments to help customers and partners meet their business needs -- guaranteed."

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