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Lucency Chooses IntelePeer's Omnichannel CPaaS Solution

September 01, 2021

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

Companies today are realizing that it’s critical to track customer journeys, or the customer’s path in their engagement with the company. Doing so allows them to improve trouble areas, take advantage of selling opportunities and stave off customer dissatisfaction before it leads to customer defection. It can also help them allocate their resources better, understand their hiring needs and plan their schedules better.

IntelePeer, a communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) provider, recently announced that Lucency has selected IntelePeer’s omni-channel Atmosphere CPaaS solution to enhance its digital-to-voice software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology that was designed to capture the context of a customer’s engagement journey — from an online interaction all the way through to a contact center experience.

Lucency, which is based in Lehi, Utah, provides a real-time customer context platform. Its platform allows users to create customized customer experiences that can help increase satisfaction, conversion, and revenue. Lucency’s product integrates with a number of platforms useful to the contact center, including NICE, Five9, Google Analytics and Ads, Amazon Connect, Facebook and Instragram.

With Atmosphere CPaaS, Lucency will be better positioned to allow product managers, marketers and contact center teams and agents to create customized experiences for each customer, which will improve retention and profitability. The company noted that, post-implementation, it’s better able to build cost-saving omnichannel communications-enabled workflow into its product.

“Prior to implementing IntelePeer’s CPaaS solution, our SaaS technology — which is carrier and telephony platform agnostic — lacked robust reporting and insight into billing,” said Lucency co-founder and chief operating officer Andrew Hill, in a statement. “We tested several CPaaS solutions but none of them offered flexibility, ease of use, scalability or customer support. We needed a solution that was going to be reliable, scalable and easy for our telephony clients to use to determine their workflows, and eventually update themselves.”

Atmosphere CPaaS enables companies to engage with customers through voice, SMS and digital messaging, while providing AI-enabled automation and communications routing and on-demand analytics for actionable intelligence. For on-premises or hybrid contact centers, IntelePeer makes it easy to bring these features and more into existing platforms from vendors such as Lucency. Enterprises short on time or resources can also utilize IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Managed Solutions for ongoing integration and configuration support.

Edited by Luke Bellos


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