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Dialpad Brings Modern Communications Services to Law Firms

August 23, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

The abrupt changes brought on by the pandemic forced virtually every business sector to adapt to temporary restrictions and distanced activity. Although many businesses were able to do this with ease thanks to digital support and cloud services, certain sectors of the economy had more difficulties due to running on outdated, legacy infrastructure. This has been a reality for many law firms and legal services that have been slow to integrate modern capabilities into daily operations.

To support the numerous law firms that are looking to upgrade communications infrastructure, Dialpad has released a new integration with legal technology company Clio, offering customers advanced VoIP features, messaging services, call transcriptions, call recording, and analytics. The integration utilizes Dialpad’s AI-powered Voice Intelligence technology, allowing operations to benefit from machine-learning to gain business insights after continuous use.

“As a former attorney myself, I understand the complexities that law firms face, especially when it comes to adopting new technology. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a greater need for attorneys to be flexible and mobile while maintaining seamless communication with clients,” said Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder, Dialpad. “Not only do these firms need reliable communication tools like Dialpad and legal practice management software, but they also need a single pane of glass from which they can manage all those interactions as well as keep accurate time records, get invoices out, and more.”

Although pandemic restrictions have reduced significantly over the last few months, these upgraded communications capabilities will help firms remain flexible and boost productivity as the world works to fully reopen.

“Integrating Dialpad into the Clio platform leverages the best of AI communications to rapidly scale arduous legal tasks like time-tracking and note-taking,” said Jeff Porter, General Manager Mid-Market and Partnerships at Clio. “Paired with Clio’s end-to-end platform, lawyers can access the intuitive, cloud-based tools they need to get time back in their day. We are thrilled to work with our Dialpad partners as part of a large network of industry innovators.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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