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Curator Hotels & Resorts Announces Three New Telecom Technology Partners

August 10, 2021

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

Hotels have unique communications needs. Today, hotel and resort guests expect to be able to communicate from anywhere: their rooms, public spaces and even recreation areas. A poor communications experience can lead to a poor overall guest experience, and today’s customers aren’t shy about sharing their displeasure about less-than-stellar services. For properties that cater to business travelers, the telecom experience may make or break the customer experience very quickly, particularly in an era of remote work.

Curator Hotel & Resort Collection, a group of independent hotels and resorts worldwide, this week announced agreements with three partners to provide telecommunications technology solutions to its member hotels. Curator’s negotiated contracts will provide member hotels with modern, easy, and cost-efficient solutions. The three companies chosen include Phonesuite Direct, a provider of both cloud-hosted and on-premise PBX solutions, Cloud5, a provider of SIP trunking solutions, and Devera Technologies, which will provide and support its Innacloud PBX Solution to Curator’s member hotels.

"Quality phone service and telephone technology are essential for effective operations and guest communication, yet many hotels suffer from outdated, unreliable, and expensive solutions," said Austin Segal, Vice President of Curator, in a statement. "These three strategic partnerships will allow our independent member hotels to upgrade their systems and ensure they are providing reliable customer and employee communications."

All the companies chosen have hotel and resort backgrounds. Cloud5’s solution is designed specifically with hoteliers in mind, meaning they’re scalable to properties of any size and accommodate the unique needs of hotel phone systems. Cloud5’s solutions work with existing PBX systems, so hotels won’t need to overhaul their current systems. Phonesuite Direct is the only hotel voice services and PBX vendor that is both 100 percent hospitality-focused, and is owned and managed by lifelong hoteliers. Finally, Innacloud’s iACT PBX is simple, easy to install and compatible with modern and legacy telephone connections and peripherals, making it a one-stop-shop for member hotels’ phone system needs.

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