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Mutare Expands Business Reach with CCA Membership

July 27, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Enterprise communications solutions company Mutare recently became one of the newest members of the Cloud Communications Alliance(CCA), marking a significant step for company growth in the increasingly competitive cloud industry. As a member of CCA, Mutare will now be able to join other industry leaders within the organization to continue developing new innovations and expand knowledge within the cloud communications space.

“The Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) is proud to have Mutare join the CCA family,” said Joe Marion, President of the CCA. Marion stated, “The CCA is committed to reducing and eliminating spoofing and robocalls as is Mutare. Their solutions go a long way in increasing the value of voice and text communications and while providing significant improvement in overall network performance for hosting service providers.”

Mutare has gained a tremendous presence in the Carrier market over the last year, focusing on API development, as well the increasingly important Voice Spam Filter for the fight against robocalls. The company has already reported success with major voice platforms, including Netsapiens, Cisco, and Broadworks. Representatives of Mutare believe that the CCA membership will help accelerate Mutare’s traction within the voice solution market, as the demand for these solutions continues to grow.

The Cloud Communications Alliance is the gold standard for getting to know the innovative companies and people in the Carrier community,” says Aaron Klein,Carrier Account Director at Mutare. “We are looking forward to becoming an engaged member of this exceptional group.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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