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IntelePeer Successfully Files Certification for STIR/SHAKEN

July 06, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Communications solutions provider IntelePeer announced the company’s approval for the FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN certification, providing customers with further protection from the massive influx of robocalls plaguing the telecom industry.

The deadline for telecom service providers to comply with the new STIR/SHAKEN guidelines arrived last week, requiring new call authentication software for customers so that robocalls have a decreased chance of successfully landing attacks. IntelePeer’s certification means that customers have added peace of mind that networks have the appropriate security measures to help fight this growing problem.

“As a trusted communications partner, IntelePeer has zero tolerance for unlawful robocalls,” said Vu Tran, SVP Technical Operations of IntelePeer. “We are proud to be contributing to nationwide efforts to put an end to an illegal activity that costs consumers, businesses and governments billions of dollars annually. STIR/SHAKEN along with IntelePeer's other solutions allow downstream carriers to better distinguish between legitimate and unlawful traffic, promoting the ability of all our commercial, educational, financial and governmental customers to reach those people they need to reach.”

Though robocalls may seem more of an annoyance rather than a threat, a recent CNBC report found that americans collectively lost almost $30 billion due to robocall fraud in 2020. By meeting the FCC requirements, all IntelePeer voice traffic is now fully supported by authentication programming, and does not require customers to install any additional features.

To view IntelePeer’s certification and learn more about the new requirements, readers can visit the FCC RoboCall Mitigation site.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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