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NYC-based Financial Advisory Team Picks CellTrust for Mobile Productivity and Compliance

February 26, 2021

Data security is an important topic today for all - from consumers to enterprise users. In highly regulated industries such as finance and government, these communications must be highly secure to meet compliance needs that protect personal and private information.

To make it possible for Payne Capital Management’s advisory team to use their personal cell phones to communicate with clients while working remotely, CellTrust Corporation announced it is providing its SL2 mobile application.

Now, instead of having to give out their personal cell phone numbers or storing screenshots of every work-related conversation they have on their phone, employees can work efficiently and remain in compliance. The alternative, carrying around two mobile devices (one for personal and one for work communications), was cumbersome and unwanted.

CellTrust is a provider of secure and compliant mobile communication for government and enterprise users. Its SL2 app has its own built-in Mobile Business Number (MBN), so advisors can maintain privacy and provide their clients a direct line to reach them. This keeps private and business communications separated while having the convenience of only one device.

Last year, during COVID-19 shutdowns, the financial advisors were already able to continue serving clients seamlessly and providing text message communication services they requested while maintaining financial regulatory compliance.

“CellTrust SL2 has been a game-changer for us in terms of productivity and compliance,” said Jennifer Angell, Financial Advisor and Director of Operations, Payne Capital Management.

“We used to have to explain to our customers that we could not text with them, or if someone did, we had to make a screengrab and archive it. With the SL2 Enterprise Mobile app, text messages are seamlessly captured and archived.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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