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Telestax Brings CPaaS Functionality to NEC Customer Base

February 01, 2021

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Telestax and NEC Corporation of America reached an agreement, to bring CPaaS capabilities to NEC’s customer base.

Telestax, the Austin-based CPaaS enablement company, previously had a working relationship with NEC to deliver SMS technology into NEC UC-Suite, the company’s integrated unified communications solution. The new deal will allow Telestax to continue to provide SMS services, along with additional features to improve communications and create new digital channels

“By working with Telestax, we can now deliver the best CPaaS capability to this critical market we already know so well. Thanks to the Telestax business model, it has been simple to integrate and white label their CPaaS platform into a full NEC experience. The Telestax offerings are designed for companies like ours that are strategically focused on rapidly bringing programmable cloud communications to the market.”

The CPaaS platform created by Telestax will now feature The NEC UC-SUITE UNIVERGE® SV9100 Contact Center application, which will allow SMS compatibility on any fixed line. Employees and customers will be able to use text messages the same way they would use internal chat messages, making customer service and support much easier.  The NEC Front Desk Assistant will also be included, allowing contactless check-ins using biometrics and automated messaging for guest arrivals.

The Telestax turnkey applications will include new features as well, such as number masking for private communications for phone calls and texting. Smart 2FA is also enabled, which gives users the ability to create one-time passwords, as well as two-factor authorization for more secure portals and account data.

“As soon as we partnered with Telestax, we were off to the races in bringing API-based functionality to our products, customers, and channel partners,” said Menghani. “And we are absolutely not done. We are already working on several new cloud features and products with Telestax using their innovative voice and messaging capabilities.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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