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DIDWW Releases v 2.9

January 22, 2021

Global telecommunications platform DIDWW has released another significant update for its advanced cloud telephony offering. The latest version (2.9) adds a multitude of features and functionalities to improve user experiences.

The cloud-based virtual PBX breaks free from the limitations of traditional telephony.. There’s no need for special hardware or software to maintain, and it can interconnect with any service provider.

With version 2.9, is able to provide seamless integration with DIDW’s cross-platform softphone, so system administrators can onboard and support end-users more efficiently.

“2021 is going to be an exciting year for both our cloud-based virtual PBX and our versatile softphone,” said Darius Siuipys, Product Manager at DIDWW.

“The™ 2.9 update is a big step towards deeper integration with the softphone”

A few of the new features added as part of this latest update include:

  • The ability to load Delivery and Contact methods for large accounts quickly.
  • Improved contact information fields for the internal form.
  • New Email verification options for contact methods.
  • An improved Email Delivery Method to support multiple email destinations.
  • Flexible Caller Name configurations

The team at DIDW recently announced it is working towards ambitious goals for 2021 and plans to continue the momentum forward in communications. In addition to continuing to expand global coverage, it’s also looking to strengthen network security further and expand two-way messaging.

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