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Sangoma Joins Growing List of Ransomware Victims

December 28, 2020

By Luke Bellos, Editor, Business VoIP

Over the past few months, government officials have been releasing reports of malicious software infiltrating company networks and stealing data. And while major players in the tech space, such as Microsoft, are using their resources to combat these predatory programs, a recent network breach at a company in Canada proves the danger is still alive. The attack is yet another nudge at companies across the globe to understand the significance of network security, especially as cyber criminals grow smarter as the technology evolves.

Canadian-based business communications provider Sangoma announced ransomware was used to collect 26 gigabytes of data, which hackers then attempted to extort money to prevent its public release. The hacker’s haul reportedly included accounting/financial data, acquisitions, legal documents, and employee information. Sangoma’s internal investigation reported that customer data went uncompromised, though the company did ask customers to change their password protections as a precautionary measure.

Conti ransomware is believed to be involved in this particular case, which has been recently used in similar attacks in the medical industry. The software is similar to the more well-known Ryuk ransomware, which work by infiltrating a network through a variety of means, then stealing and encrypting valuable files. The hackers then offer to decrypt the files in exchange for payment. In the case of Sangoma, payment was not given, and the data was publicly released.  

This attack should act as a fair warning to companies about the importance of cybersecurity. For Sangoma, headlines are nothing new, but this incident is a unique experience. The leader in open-source communications will shake this attack off, unfortunately the same can’t be said for all ransomware victims.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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