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Gain Clear and Consistent Communications with Grammarly Style Guides

June 11, 2020

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The importance of a positive first impression cannot be understated. Initial engagements with customers are critical to building loyalty, and a long term relationship. That can be a contact center agent, technical support rep or even a CEO following up an order with a personal thank you. Done so poorly can backfire quickly, and good intentions lead to a negative result.

Grammarly announced the addition of custom style guides for Grammerly Business users, bringing consistent, clear and more effective communications.

“Grammarly is committed to helping organizations of all sizes accelerate business results through better communication, and we believe that style guides will prove to be an impactful tool for business customers,” said Dorian Stone, general manager, Grammarly Business. “Consistency in business communications is table stakes for gaining brand credibility and trust among key stakeholders. But it’s difficult to maintain with a distributed and diverse workforce using a variety of writing platforms—even more challenging for businesses now working remotely without established processes in place. Style guides offer a solution.”

Style guides allow companies leveraging Grammarly Business the ability to unify brand voice. Organizations can customize guides by team, department, individual and more to ensure clear and consistent communications. As users leverage the product, needs or messaging may change, so style guides allow for on the fly adjustments. Instead of the traditional requirement of reviewing every piece of communications for compliance, the new feature does it for you.

In delivering consistent communications, customer frustration is minimized, messaging is no longer muddled. We already trust Grammarly with our grammar, I feel comfortable with it assisting a bit more.

Are your customer communications clear and consistent?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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