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Frontier Shifts Focus to Hurricane Season

June 02, 2020

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Here in New England, June 1st on the calendar may not mean a whole – unless it’s your birthday, of course. In many southern states, the first day of June means the beginning of hurricane season. Sure, filling the pantry is how individuals prep, but for businesses readiness for natural catastrophe starts in the network.

 Phone and Internet provider Frontier Communications is reminding companies to prepare for an Atlantic hurricane season which the National Weather Service projected to deliver nearly 20 named storms.

“Our South States, particularly those along the Gulf coast, are known for beautiful weather, but residents know that hurricanes represent a serious threat and pose unique challenges for which we must be ready. Preparing in a calm and organized way can make a vital difference in getting through severe storms safely and Frontier’s readiness teams are already at work to safeguard the reliability of our network and ready to respond to keep our customers connected,” said Melanie Williams, Senior Vice President for Frontier Communications South Region.

Every year, hurricanes take lives, businesses and virtually everything in between. Frontier suggests customers put together with it calls a communication it including – phone chargers, laminated lists of important places and phone numbers, have digital backups of passports, deeds and social security cards.  Store all critical documents in watertight containers.

 Customers not, should look to cloud services to ensure data backup if devices are damaged or lost.  Not like we need the reminder, but COVID-19  presents certain challenges as well, so it’s critical to keep these in mine.

Frontier powers people to remain productive during the current WFH climate, and its current caution is well placed. As it does what it can to ensure your business and personal communications remain uninterrupted, Frontier is putting customers first at a time when humanity is needed most.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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