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New Call Routing Feature from NEC Reduces Telephony Spend

March 12, 2020

NEC Corporation of America has announced a new Network Connect offering that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize the routing of phone calls for businesses. It also includes voice network monitoring to ensure quality issues do not unfold.

Calls are routed to the most cost-effective and reliable carrier solution available through wholesale provider 46 Labs Communications, the Carrier of Record.

More specifically, enterprises purchase per-port access into the Network Connect carrier hub. After a SIP Trunk connection is established to the nearest Point-of-Presence, the platform handles the carrier selection, taxation, security, cost and quality optimization needs.

The IT and communications integrator said the new offering can reduce telephony spend by at least 30 percent as a result.

“Each day the 46 Labs system routes more than a billion calls for the carrier wholesale marketplace. Working with NEC, we now have the world’s first system for connecting enterprises directly to the wholesale telecom market,” said Max Adams, Chief Revenue Officer of 46 Labs. “Because carriers compete on a call-by-call basis to earn your business, you’re always getting the best possible price and quality.”

Another benefit of the new offering is the ability for businesses to have direct access to insights including performance metrics and quality of service to more quickly detect issues and mitigate them before they can affect business.

“For the first time, Enterprise customers have visibility and control of their voice networks.This solution not only comes at a wholesale cost savings; it eliminates the network vulnerability that comes from relying on a single-carrier,” said Joe Salisbury, Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Marketing, NEC Corporation of America.

This up-to-the-minute access to information about telephony usage also makes it easier for businesses to set and meet telephony spending goals.

“Companies with higher volumes of call traffic, such as inbound or outbound contact centers, stand to save the most in monthly charges,” said Salisbury.

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