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Nextiva CEO Says Customer Communication and Management Requires a Single Platform

December 05, 2019

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, Business VoIP Contributor

At Nextiva’s NextCon 2019 partner conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona last month, the company showed its most recent set of tools for businesses called the Nextiva Business Suites, which includes the Nextiva Business Communication Suite and the Nextiva Customer Relationship Suite. Nextiva Business Suites allow companies to manage all customer communication and engagement in one place on a single platform to help businesses deliver an integrated customer experience without the complexity of fragmented applications.

In a speech to NextCon attendees, Nextiva’s co-founder and CEO Tomas Gorny said that before proper customer relationship management and engagement can begin, companies need to build a complete picture of all of their customers, and this requires an all-in-one platform to be successful for real-time management of the customer journey.

“What we need is an all-in-one solution,” he said. “All of our communication and customer management needs to be connected, and in one platform and one place. We created one place in business where all of our communication – voice, email, chat, [text] – live together with customer management tools such as customer relationship management (CRM). The ‘InBox’ is designed for productivity and communication to operate in perfect balance.”

The company’s NextOS product is that single platform that enables seamless communication through any customer engagement channel. Nextiva Business Suites include productivity and customer engagement tools that leverage built-in artificial intelligence and easy-to-use automation. The goal is to help businesses that still don’t have a single view of the customer to build one so they can ramp up the efficiency of their customer support processes and build better customer engagement, per their expectations.

Customers’ expectations are rising, and today’s communication problems cannot be solved with siloed technologies,” said Gorny. “We will continue to see more change in customer expectations than ever before, and businesses are not prepared to manage an integrated view of the customer.”

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