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The Many Business Productivity Advantages of VoIP

November 11, 2019

By Laura Stotler, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

In the age of omnichannel communications, productivity, efficiency and superior customer service are the hallmarks of a successful business. And sure, texting, chatbots and other electronic means of communication offer speed and variety for completing business interactions, but voice is still the primary way we communicate. VoIP has become a ubiquitous yet extremely important part of evolving communication systems, and is key to achieving maximum business productivity.

One of the most obvious ways VoIP contributes to business productivity is through reduced maintenance and management. VoIP runs over an organization’s existing data network, removing the need to maintain and manage a costly, and usually complicated voice network and its associated equipment. VoIP systems are also inherently intelligent, offering a broad set of features and functionality to IT/telecom managers and end users alike. Typically providing an intuitive interface, as well as flexibility and interoperability, VoIP systems may be configured to maximize productivity. And that translates to time and cost savings for any organization.

VoIP also integrates seamlessly with unified communications solutions, making it an ideal choice in the world of omnichannel communications. Workers and customers are not limited to traditional phone calls using VoIP, and business may be extended to multiple channels, which are easily integrated for management, tracking and logging purposes. This offers huge productivity benefits, not to mention superior levels of customer service, since organizations can stay in touch with their customers from anywhere, at any time, through a variety of channels.

That flexibility and mobility extends to workers as well as customers, as employees are no longer limited to working at an office desk, tethered to a landline and traditional phone system.  More options and flexibility mean workers can stay connected no matter where they are, which ultimately leads to a happier and more productive workforce.

VoIP also facilitates workplace collaboration, since many solutions have built-in conferencing and collaboration features. That makes it easy for workers to setup ad-hoc meetings to brainstorm and collaborate. By improving communications and collaboration, VoIP creates a vastly more productive business environment.

VoIP offers clear benefits to businesses of all sizes, and is a seamless fit in an omnichannel communications environment. By boosting business productivity, VoIP ultimately offers cost savings, improved communications and better customer interactions, key benefits for any business.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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