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AudioCodes Brings AI to Meetings

September 26, 2019

Businesses today depend on data and analysis to guide their future. Thanks to AI technologies gaining insights from data is attainable.

To make it possible for businesses to enhance the productivity that comes out of their meetings, AudioCodes has introduced a new AI technology offering, Meeting Insights, to make data from meetings more powerful and useful for enterprises.

Meeting Insights captures all of the ideas shared, actions and opinions discussed in a meeting and turns all of the data into important insights for decision making and future planning.

Using AudioCodes Voice AI technology, the solutions captures data from meeting participants in the physical location or who have joined the discussion remotely and then organizes the content and makes it shareable for the team. No more jotting down notes or leaving meeting discussions to be forgotten once participants leave the room.

To take it a step further, Meeting Insights seamlessly delivers multi-modal and real-time access to those key meeting moments so even those who could not attend, can easily extract valuable information they need.

In addition to team meetings, the solution, which is currently still in beta, is also great for capturing key training sessions, conducting sales reviews and even for recruitment interviews.

Shabtai Adlersberg, AudioCodes President & CEO commented on the new offering for enterprises saying, "Relying on AudioCodes vast experience and know-how in voice and AI technology, Meeting Insights ensures that anyone in an organization, whether they attended a meeting or not, can simply and efficiently analyze and act upon its content, significantly improving organizations' ability to retain and share critical business data."

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