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Emojis Boost Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

July 31, 2019

Business communications continue to evolve at breakneck speeds today as new technology and innovations are introduced and as younger generations of employees enter the workforce.

These new workplace environments are adapting to modernization in many ways. What once required traveling to a client's office for an in-person meeting for example, can now be handled via video conference in less than 30 minutes thanks to UC. What was the norm for email correspondences before, is shifting as IM and other collaboration tools are introduced.

In addition to improving efficiencies, cutting costs and helping teams to work together, these new technologies are also blurring the lines between how we communicate for personal and business matters and even how we convey our emotions.

Emojis first came about in Japan in 1999 during the early days of texting. Today, the pictographs of emotions have become so much more than just a millennial messaging fad. Fast forward 20 years and we’re now seeing these emotional reactions using cartoon drawings become a way to develop and foster communications even in the workplace.

Many businesses are adopting their own personalized emojis for office communications and interactions and it’s adding value to the overall experience. Many even mandate that they be used regularly to communicate urgency or understanding and to build teams.
A recent Wall Street Journal post looked at how Emojis used at work can actually improve company culture and grow productivity across teams.

The great thing about Emojis according to WSJ writer Christopher Mims, is that they offer a clear and concise communication tactic for teams.

Companies like Slack and many others have evolved their use of Emoji’s to fit in with their company culture and it’s had a positive impact that’s continuing to grow.

With emojis this visual aspect is brought back into the equation. Neurologically, the article notes, our brains process the emotions depicted in the modern-day hieroglyphics much like we would see a person’s expression on their face and that has a lot to do with their increasing adoption rates or communications happening at a distance.

Is your office using Emojis as part of it’s communications experience?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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