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Voxbone Reveals Enterprise-Grade Communications Platform

March 20, 2019

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Gartner projects the cloud telephony space to reach a valuation of nearly $400 billion by 2020. Frankly, this number shouldn’t shock anyone, as the cloud is critical to the transformation taking place in communications. From UCaaS, to CCaaS and back again, the momentum is here.

CaaS (Communications-as-a-Service) provider Voxbone announced the launch of its enterprise-grade communications platform, a solution crafted specifically to address the communications requirements of end users.

In selecting the enterprise-grade communications platform, organizations gain access to a number of products. Voxbone Insights offers real time data analysis empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions to manage communications. Voxbone Voice provides a single-source, scalable and fully compliant voice solution. Voxbone Mobile delivers support for voice and two-way messaging on mobile numbers across more than 25 countries. And, Voxbone Connect allows for interconnect with the Voxbone global network.

“For the past 14 years, the biggest names in global communications have built on Voxbone,” said Voxbone’s VP of Product, Matt Brown. “Now, enterprises looking to scale can use our platform to supercharge their growth – without supercharging spend. We’re proud to say that the best enterprise communications are built with Voxbone.”

The requirements placed on communications solutions for the enterprise is a growing laundry list, from capability to compliance it’s rather lengthy.

Are your communications cloud-powered and omnichannel?

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