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NextOS Adopts AI, Machine Learning for Customer Experience Focus

May 16, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

It is the dawn of a new day in business, as digital transformation is enabling the next generation of technology.  Innovation in arenas like artificial intelligence, machine learning and the cloud are advancing customer service and communication capability at a rapid pace.

This week, Nextiva announced enhancements to the NextOS Platform with the addition of several new products and, including a shot of artificial intelligence and machine learning for good measure.

“VoIP is to Nextiva as books were to Amazon,” says Gorny. “The tools on the NextOS platform empower businesses to gain a holistic view of their communications and customer interactions without the use of siloed, fragmented tools.”

The NextOS all-in-one communications software saw the additions of Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Chat and Nextiva Surveys. The CRM offering consolidates customer communications, regardless of channel the interaction can be managed through one screen enabling a far more user friendly experience from the employee side. The new Nextiva Chat empowers real-time chat, so customers can add this popular customer service channel to their website enhancing the customer experience. Leaving much room for customization, Nextiva Surveys enables a company to easily and effectively collect data from teams, prospects and current customers.

The releases are powered by NextIQ (Nextiva’a AI and Machine Learning), which is vital in leveraging automation to improve workflows and provide more efficient customer service practices.

Moving forward, Nextiva is shifting gears. After carving a nice niche in the cloud communications space, the business VoIP provider is expanding its solution set to create a unified suite of products set to provide a revamped customer experience.

“We are living in the era of the customer,” says Tomas Gorny, Chief Executive Officer of Nextiva. “Expectations have never been higher, and while businesses are hearing more from customers, they are understanding less. Data is everywhere, but never where you need it. NextOS solves these problems.”

Industry’s laser-focus on elevating the customer experience is illustrated in the amazing innovation taking place. The tools are available, are you using them?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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