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Building Real Relationships With Cloud Communications

April 10, 2018

By Joanna Fanuko, Content Producer

I’m not talking about floating up in literal clouds, high on love. That’s a different kind of relationship. I’m talking cloud solutions for business communications, and 5 ways they help build real relationships with customers and coworkers.

1. Collaboration, the Key to Communications Bliss

Internally, cloud communications can help team members collaborate on work, band together ideas, and open up a channel of dialogue. On the external level, companies can use cloud applications for communicating with customers. Using chat, social media, and other forms of communication, customers can build real relationships with their favorite brands. Try out a collaborative cloud tool for improving customer experience. An open channel of cloud communications helps consumers give direct feedback on ways to improve customer service.

2. Share Your Story, or Files

The cloud makes it simple to provide an employee with that file they asked you for. Centralizing your documents in the cloud makes sharing files quick and painless. Gone are the dinosaur days of phone tag and long email threads, full of file attachments. Cloud applications connect employees on a global scale, and you can easily store and share files whether in the office or at a remote location.

3. CRM and Why It Benefits

Performance metrics through the cloud can streamline your marketing efforts. CRM cloud tools give marketers access to customer profile data, and can help sales teams improve on their pitch. Insights made by information provided by CRM cloud applications are valuable and beneficial to company bottom lines.

4. Slash Those Costs!

Speaking of bottom lines, slash those costs with cloud solutions! Cloud communications are a cost-effective way of reaching your customer base quickly and efficiently. Think about leveraging the cloud for cutting operational costs, increasing productivity, and building relationships for less.

5. Practice Safe (and Secure) Communications

Privacy is a hot topic, and cloud communications are on the cutting edge of protection of information. Establishing trust with your employees and customers alike can lead to lasting relationships for a business and its consumers. Maintain that inner-circle level of commitment to security with encrypted cloud communications.

Cloud applications may sound lofty, but they are a source of great potential for building real relationships with customers. Apply cloud solutions to your business, and enjoy the benefits to your business collaborations. Enjoy the weather, too – it’s cloudy with a chance of lasting customer relationships.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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