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Cogito Claims AI + EI = Better CX

March 21, 2018

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

What makes one kid a valedictorian and another the homecoming queen? Or one employee the go-to person when you need something done and another the one you want to have a beer with after work?

That’s debateable. But you could argue that the answers are IQ (along with a good work ethic) and emotional intelligence. And now technology companies like Cogito are delivering AI-powered solutions that bring these strengths together.

That can help organizations like call centers become smarter about how people are feeling. And when you understand emotion and perception, you can better navigate customer interactions, says Cogito.

Cogito sells call centers a solution that analyzes tone and voice patterns. It uses those analyses to assess customers’ emotional state.

The company recently did a survey on the desire for this kind of thing. Seventy-three percent of agents responded that knowing customer perceptions of their communication style would be helpful. Seventy-six percent of agents said their job satisfaction would increase from establishing better rapport with customers.

“When AI technology is implemented in a way where it coexists with humans and can also demonstrate measurable impact, it can improve both customer experience and employee performance and satisfaction,” Cogito blogged.

Understanding emotion so we can more effectively react to it is becoming a growing focus in business. Apple in recent years acquired both Emotient, which uses AI to analyze facial expressions and read emotions, and VocalIQ, which uses deep neural nets to do speech recognition. And such major companies as MetLife use Cogito’s technology in their call centers.

“Good customer service at a call center is not just about dealing with calls in a timely manner and keeping up with documentation of the calls,” blogged KovaCorp. “It’s about making sure the customer’s issue was resolved. And to do that, an agent must consider the customer’s emotional state when speaking with them.

“One of the typical first steps in EI training is to have agents think not about the customer’s voice, but how they themselves sound during a call,” KovaCorp adds. “Does the agent have a harsh or ambivalent tone? Do they sound unsympathetic? That could be a turn-off immediately for anyone calling in with an issue.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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