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Infobip, Vodafone Enter Venture to Offer RCS

February 28, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The cloud is transforming technology across the board. From the data center and HQ, to the contact center and the CEO’s desk, the ripples of this highly disruptive technology are fanning out. For communications, it means cost savings, reliability, customizability and more.

This week, Infobip and Vodafone announced a new partnership to provide organizations with Rich Communications Services (RCS) to enterprises around the globe. The pairing comes part and parcel with a new GSMA RCS initiative offerings organizations worldwide the opportunity to replace legacy B2C communications solutions with a more future-forward approach.

"Businesses need to assure that their messaging services remain relevant, attractive and highly engaging. With the enhancement of RCS, the customer is reached with prebuilt rich messaging through Infobip's flexible API. The communication is branded, the interaction is instant, and the visual impact is enabling customers to make choices and purchase decisions in an optimal way," said Silvio Kutic, President and CEO of Infobip.

In leveraging the Infobip API, enterprises can craft campaigns to build customer engagement, increase downloads as well as the customer experience via rich messaging. The use of high resolution photo sharing, live video, group chats, read receipts, etc take what was once the status quo SMS campaign and create more fruitful B2C interactions.

Vodafone is providing the Infobip API to its ecosystem of enterprise customers, allowing for companies across location-focused services to enrich the customer experience with real time, in-depth and accurate notifications.

Uber’s Rahul Vijay explained, "At Uber, we are constantly challenging ourselves. Everything from quick food delivery, to reducing congestion in cities by getting more people in fewer cars require immediate, perceptive dialogue with passengers and drivers. The visual and immediate impact that RCS messaging provides, with for example video driver confirmations and appealing lunch menu image delivery, allow Uber to explore the possibilities of taking the mobile experience for all Uber users around the world to a higher level."

Engagement is a key component a successful customer facing business, and riding the wave of innovation in the cloud is a clear cut way to do so.

How does your business use cloud communications to engage with customers?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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