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ATA Boy, Grandstream!

February 27, 2018

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC

Grandstream Networks Inc. has come out with a new eight-port analog telephone adapter. This ATA, called the HT818, includes dual gigabit network ports, a NAT router, and QoS capabilities.

It also features 100 megabit per second routing with advanced security capabilities, including unique security certificate per unit. It has auto provisioning features, which leverage TR069 and XML config files. It provides redundant SIP server failover and a dual firmware image. And it supports the G.722 and Opus wideband HD codecs, and popular narrowband voice codecs.

The HT818 is available from Grandstream channels around the world, listing price is $199.

Grandstream is a 16-year-old company that provides communication solutions to the business market. Its customers include small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

Earlier this month, Grandstream discusses the most influential VoIP trends of 2018. Johanna Brito says that includes mobile VoIP, 5G, integrated VoIP, and UC/VoIP.

Brito, Grandstream’s marketing manager, notes that Android OS devices are set to dominate mobile VoIP. She adds that mobile features on VoIP enhance the user experience via greater functionality and integration.

As for 5G, she says that will “drastically increase the VoIP functionality, revolutionizing their overall communications.”

On the integration front, she points to the trend of building IP-based communications functionality into systems. That includes everything from CRM, CTI, ERP, and more.

She also notes that unified communications and VoIP were once considered separate things. That’s no longer the case, Brito says. “Unified communications means that voice, video, data, and mobility options can be packed in one unified manageable network,” she says. “This has allowed VoIP to transform itself into an industry offering integrated, centralized solutions to enhanced business communications.”

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