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Adding Value to Voice with Unified Office

February 13, 2018

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

Problems require solutions. Simple statement but let it sink in and it speaks volumes. So, when customers have problems, it would make sense to not just listen but take action to add value to operations, as well. For Unified Office, this is the basis of its newest solution.

TC NIQ (Total Connect IQ) enables the ability to sense emotions and sentiments, providing a searchable repository – similar to transcription – and because the newest solution employs machine learning it will continue to get better at adding value to each phone call.

As Unified Office CEO Ray Pasquale told me at ITEXPO, “Phone is still the lifeblood...if voice was truly going away there wouldn’t be any investment in voice technology,” continuing to note a rather lucid point: if half of one’s revenue comes from “Hello,” wouldn’t you like to give voice its due attention.  

The newly unveiled TCNIQ slips into the Unified Office deployment as an opportunity to see, “who said what to who and why,” offering a value added service on top of a unified communications platform foundation.

“Everything we do has to create value for our customer or we don’t do it...You listen to them, listen to their pain a little something, and you show it them...The response tells you whether to continue,” Pasquale explained. This is standard operating procedure for the Unified Office team.

Also, not a firm to rest on laurels, at the recently concluded IoT Evolution Expo the MSP announced another new release. The new platform crosses the threshold of automating troubleshooting from notifying an operator not if something is, or is not broken, but instead “it’s breaking.”

Bottom line, Pasquale sees change on the horizon. More specifically, in terms of how we view communications explaining, “UC going forward is going to mean something completely different.”  He continued to note, “Voice is just another application...the phone is just a vessel.” 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz


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